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Damasio, Noë and disciplinary positioning

I came away from last week’s discussion of Damasio irritated and frustrated. I felt not only that I had lost my provisional hold on Damasio’s central ideas, but that the only way to regain that provisional understanding would be to … Continue reading

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Damasio is everywhere

I had never heard of Antonio Damasio before this course, but we seem to have set up shop in a neighborhood where we can’t avoid bumping into him at every corner. A big chunk of the Eakins chapter is devoted … Continue reading

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Hustvedt and interdisciplinarity

As a lit person by background, I found Hustvedt’s book to be just the sort of thing I got into liberal studies to read: nonliterary material (albeit, in this case, material with plenty of literary implications) rendered with a literary … Continue reading

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