The Blazing World

There was a wonderful review of Bruce Jenner’s Special With Diane Sawyer On ABC’s 20/20 Sets New Bar For Reporting On Transgender Issues on Huffington Post at
There was one emphasis on things Sawyer did and did not do. One which seem to resonate for me while/ after reading The Blazing World was one that “Sawyer did no do, as Katie Couric had, fixate on the status of Jenner’s genitals and pose invasive questions about gender confirmation surgery,* fueling the culture’s voyeuristic obsession with trans people’s bodies, as if to know someone’s anatomy is to know their soul.” I suspect that the novelized Harry referred to in a quote on pg 188 “My biography is ambisexual” “Harriet Burdan, …know as Harry to her friends could have said the same thing.” The real/ fictionalized Harry seem to have spent most of her life trying to find people, a public that would know her soul through her work in spite of the body she inhabited. Not too much different than Jenner.

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