Discussion Questions April, 21

The readings and pod casts for this week all speak to a variety of methods of defining, understanding, and treating severe mental illness. Mostly mental illnesses whose chief symptoms are auditory hallucinations. This spans from the deeply neurological discussion of Ben Alderson – Day  to Rufus May’s use of mindfulness techniques to quell the symptoms of his schizophrenia.

1.How do the theories  of inner self talk and social cognition coincide with Lieberman’s premise that we as humans and ‘wired together” inherently social beings? And if we are made to connect socially why is there a stigmatization of those that have created an inner social network within themselves to cope with trauma?

2.At what point where the inner voice that everyone has morph into auditory hallucinations? And have you taken a moment to reflect on the amount of self talk you indulge in on a daily basis? what form does it take?

3.I think these pieces reveal means to instill autonomy in those with auditory hallucinations or serve mental illness.  These methods are not completely supported by American medical associations how to you think American pharmacology and psychology would react to utilizing these methods? (with the understanding that capitalism in a thread that runs through all aspects of our society)


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