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Reviewing Self

While perusing the available MALS classes that fit into my strange work schedule, for the spring semester. I was lucky enough to see this introductory course and instantly found the topic area intriguing. I have found that the readings and … Continue reading

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Fiery breath of Harry

Harry’s teenage obsession with Shelley s Frankenstein was played out in her Art…giant Venus, the warm dolls and Anton especially. During their last falling out she actually utters ” I created a monster” I think Harry was initially relating to Dr..Frankenstein … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions April, 21

The readings and pod casts for this week all speak to a variety of methods of defining, understanding, and treating severe mental illness. Mostly mental illnesses whose chief symptoms are auditory hallucinations. This spans from the deeply neurological discussion of … Continue reading

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Prompt #3

I think Yael and I have  a similar aesthetic  and interest in the impact of naming on the self.

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Through my project I hope to understand how the self is framed by identity/ or labeling. In short how people suffering from physical and mental illness react to having a name for their ailments. Does it help or hinder their … Continue reading

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A. Find an idea or claim that Lieberman can only make in response to a source. Describe how he uses the source, using Mark Gaipa’s categories. This is my attempt at parsing out the strategies used by Lieberman Gaipa_ Lieberman … Continue reading

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Lieberman I really had a tough time getting into this text.  There were bits that felt so scattered o me and in the chapter conclusions I didn’t see where he pulled his theory together.  In general I understand that there … Continue reading

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25 Things

I was born at4:30 am, July 9th I love driving on the Northern State Parkway much more than the LIE I had a Narc car. I love bacon and my Mom’s pork chops, yet I always wanted a mini pot … Continue reading

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You are here where the silky mist hides the deserter

Ian Hacking’s “Mad Travelers”, served to be the skeleton Maud Casey hung her novel on.  I read Casey’s first and now I wonder if I should have read the Hacking chapters first. Casey moved about the minds of her characters … Continue reading

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“My Stroke of Insight”- Jill Bolte Taylor

We never discussed the TED lecture by Jill Bolte Taylor so here are some of my thoughts. I was at first wowed by the description of her stroke. But after Reading  DeMasio and Hustvedt I wonder if Taylor’s autobiographical self  … Continue reading

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