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Controversial Medical/Mental Health

What I enjoy most about this weeks reading is how controversial hearing voices and mental disorder diagnosis is in society. In many instances of mental disorders, there is no, or very little, tangible or recognizable symptoms. The illness is thought … Continue reading

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There was this Goat

This book emphasizes what I believe to be an immeasurably important aspect of the self, the mind and psychology, which is context. To what extent the environment shapes us is still argued and attempts are made everyday to understand the … Continue reading

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Blog Post – Matias

Admittedly I began Matias’ book with a bit of skepticism. Not so much at the quality of the book but in my ability to find meaning in a series of random thoughts. To my surprise the style in which Matias … Continue reading

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The Interaction of Brain, Body and Environment

Quite often in the book, Noe repeats the phrase, “Where do we stop, and where does the rest of the world begin?” which I believe to be a strong summary of the point he is making with this book. We … Continue reading

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Things To Think About

Damasio attempts to describe a framework in which we may hope to better understand what it is that makes us conscious, able to feel, and aware of our bodies while feeling and emulating others. He does so by describing different … Continue reading

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The “I” is our own.

This is certainly an interesting way to being the semester. This first week we are asked to take describe what it is we are and the reading assigned really digs in deeper leaving us, or at least me, more confused … Continue reading

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