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Healing for Hudsvedt, May, Longden

I went to a conference recently and asked Hudsvedt whether she felt that the act of self-representation through writing The Shaking Woman was therapeutic. She said that writing the book was a process of “integrating the unintegratable” and that the … Continue reading

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Prompt #2: My research topic and the self

Research Project: Extended Mind and Self It took me quite a while to determine my project topic, though it now still seems a little broad. I was fascinated with Alva Noe’s thesis that our mind (probably our self as well) … Continue reading

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There Was This Goat.

A disturbing period of racism in our times, coterminous to slavery, Apartheid in South Africa was another way to reject and humiliate part of the human race because of colour. Apartheid has been dissolved for a few decades still it … Continue reading

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Prompt 2

(First, I am sorry to be late and to only be posting in response to prompts 2 and 3.) My project is a video exploration my own selfhood vis-a-vis my body, my mental illness, my sexuality. Using the frame of Viegener’s … Continue reading

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Unpacking the money analogy

I watched the video before reading Noe’s explanation of his dollar bill analogy so I didn’t get a chance to question the analogy for myself before hearing the interviewer’s criticism of it not being comparable. How do others feel about … Continue reading

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Noe, Damasio and Stelarc

Damasio believes consciousness can be found in the brain stem and therefore that the outside world is largely determined by the brain. Noe believes consciousness is largely found outside of the brain (holistic and action-based) and is determined by our … Continue reading

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Consciousness v. Mind

I am interested in parsing out a distinction between consciousness and mind. Early on in “Stepping Into The Light,” Damasio describes loss of consciousness as “dissolv[ing] into unsolicited unknowingness.” I thought about this in relation to meditation, which describes the meditative … Continue reading

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Damasio’s birth of knowing

In “Stepping Into the Light,” Damasio says “At its simplest… consciousness lets us recognize an irresistible urge to stay alive and develop a concern for the self. At its most complex… consciousness helps us develop a concern for other selves and improve … Continue reading

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Demasio -Bits that jump out

I appreciate DeMasio’s attempt at including the reader by giving  examples and methods of understanding his theories and points. He has a conversational tone, Although he can get quite technical he still brings  the reader back with a light story … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Feb. 10

Here are a few questions that have leapt out at me while doing this week’s readings and that I formulated in response to them. Content How can Damasio’s proto self, core self and autobiographical self (as Eakin presents them) be … Continue reading

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