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Prompt #2: My research topic and the self

Research Project: Extended Mind and Self It took me quite a while to determine my project topic, though it now still seems a little broad. I was fascinated with Alva Noe’s thesis that our mind (probably our self as well) … Continue reading

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There was this Goat: to Understand and Live with Mrs. Konile

1. When I read Mrs. Konile’s testimony before TRC, it reminded me of Cassandra in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon, who prophesies her and Agamemnon’s death in a language full of broken flashes and metaphors to an extent that the chorus she is … Continue reading

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Recollecting Our Life Stories Piece by Piece: Reading Albert in the Novel

“Piece by piece, piece by piece, this is how the story will reveal itself.” (Casey, 202) Albert in this novel is just like the Doctor, Walter, Marian and the rest of us, when he is striving to recall his life … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Alva Noe

According to Noe, consciousness is not constructed by our brains and thus happens inside our heads or skins, which is an ungrounded assumption that has been taken for granted by most scientists nowadays (including Damasio) addressing the problem of consciousness. … Continue reading

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Reading Response to Paul John Eakin’s Autobiographical Consciousness: Body, Brain, Self, and Narrative

In this interesting interdisciplinary writing, Eakin is trying to draw on Antonio Damasio’s neurobiological theories on consciousness to shed new light on our reading of autobiography, especially on our understanding of narrative identify. Eakin was fascinated by Damasio’s “the movie-in-the-brain” … Continue reading

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