Course review

This course’s reading lists provided a good balance of books in what is a broad and ambitious subject to tackle. In fact, just as Liz pointed out, I would not have read many of the readings on my own but am glad that I did. My idea of a course on the self was more about studying it through the lens of psychology and philosophy and I wouldn’t know where else to look for material that are just as important for exploring this subject. So the off-the-beaten track readings are what definitely kept the course interesting with those unexpected insight from books on fugue, South Africa’s reconciliation commission, Viegner’s list. Class discussion was interesting as well and I particularly like that our students’ mixed professional, age and cultural backgrounds colored our views of the topic even further. It might well be so, since in real life some topics aren’t as straightforward as we think they are, so keeping in mind the possibility of multiple interpretations comes in handy. Also a handy thing to have been taught in this course was introduction to academic writing. It did digress from the subject but I cannot say that I did not need it. All in all I enjoyed the class for having expanded my horizon and uncovered nuggets of insights into ways of looking at the idea of self.


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