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For Tuesday’s Class: Anthology Workshop

ANTHOLOGY WORKSHOP: May 5th We will meet in Room 6496. Before class:  You will send a draft of your abstract (250 words or less) of your paper by May 3rd [5 PM] to me at: You will include your email … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

Once you have completed your proposal and received feedback from me, the next phase of your research projects will be to compile an annotated bibliography–a list of sources you plan to cite, with a short explanation of what roles they’ll … Continue reading

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If there is a strong suggestion that there is no essential self to be found in the human brain, then what would you say are the determining characteristics that define us as “unique individuals”? If in fact we are? (Page … Continue reading

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The Blazing World

There was a wonderful review of Bruce Jenner’s Special With Diane Sawyer On ABC’s 20/20 Sets New Bar For Reporting On Transgender Issues on Huffington Post at There was one emphasis on things Sawyer did and did not do. … Continue reading

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Fiery breath of Harry

Harry’s teenage obsession with Shelley s Frankenstein was played out in her Art…giant Venus, the warm dolls and Anton especially. During their last falling out she actually utters ” I created a monster” I think Harry was initially relating to Dr..Frankenstein … Continue reading

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The Blazing World

I am intrigued by Hustvedt’s tome. At first I thought it was fiction, and then when I read the Editor’s Note I thought, No, this is reality, and then the note was signed by IV Hess, and I went back … Continue reading

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Class questions/my questions

Questions for class discussion: 1. Have you experienced moments in which you “weren’t yourself?” What were the circumstances? Do you think it is possible to explain it as another, less embraced version of you (the way Harriet eventually does with … Continue reading

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Don’t you ever want to breathe fire?

I really enjoyed the [ample] reading for this week; the Carter chapters and Hustvedt book complemented one another well. I’m not sure from the letters of the notebooks if they are actually alphabetically chronological as it seems unlikely to me, … Continue reading

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Siri Hudsvedt Brickman/Burden, Maskings & Sincerity

Harriet as Hustvedt’s Alter Ego  I agree with Berni that “I hear in each of the character’s writings, Hustvedt’s voice talking to me.” While reading The Blazing World, it also occurred to me that Harriet might be Hustvedt’s mask or alter … Continue reading

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“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” –Wilde

Hustvedt’s novel centers on the theme of masks, self-awareness, and self-deception, among others. Overall, Harry is offered as an ever-changing multiple, but she is also still somehow singular and knowable. In her diaries, she always wonders about and re-presents her young … Continue reading

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