“My Stroke of Insight”- Jill Bolte Taylor

We never discussed the TED lecture by Jill Bolte Taylor so here are some of my thoughts.
I was at first wowed by the description of her stroke. But after Reading  DeMasio and Hustvedt I wonder if Taylor’s autobiographical self  shaped her understanding of what was happening to her.
The ethereal elements she described the feeling of connected to everything and nothing. Is that what she has revised as what she experienced a coping mechanism. A way to own the experience?
Also I wondered if that the feelings she f described were her proto self. Bc the spatial descriptions of being enormous and small at the same time revealed that maybe she is unaware of relation to exterior objects.
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  1. I’m really glad you posted this. I regret that we didn’t find time to watch it together. Maybe we can find the time later in the semester.

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