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Consciousness v. Mind

I am interested in parsing out a distinction between consciousness and mind. Early on in “Stepping Into The Light,” Damasio describes loss of consciousness as “dissolv[ing] into unsolicited unknowingness.” I thought about this in relation to meditation, which describes the meditative … Continue reading

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Damasio’s anecdote in “Stepping into the Light” involving the patient who was “bodily present but personally unaccounted for, absent without leave” made me wonder about other situations in which our consciousness if affected while in a waking state. In my … Continue reading

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Damasio’s birth of knowing

In “Stepping Into the Light,” Damasio says “At its simplest… consciousness lets us recognize an irresistible urge to stay alive and develop a concern for the self. At its most complex… consciousness helps us develop a concern for other selves and improve … Continue reading

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“My Stroke of Insight”- Jill Bolte Taylor

We never discussed the TED lecture by Jill Bolte Taylor so here are some of my thoughts. I was at first wowed by the description of her stroke. But after Reading  DeMasio and Hustvedt I wonder if Taylor’s autobiographical self  … Continue reading

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Demasio -Bits that jump out

I appreciate DeMasio’s attempt at including the reader by giving  examples and methods of understanding his theories and points. He has a conversational tone, Although he can get quite technical he still brings  the reader back with a light story … Continue reading

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