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comments on Alva Noe’s Out of our Heads

Alva Noe say things that at first disturb me until I try to see them in my own life or as a reflection of my own beliefs. So among many of his opinions like on pg 83-84, at first I … Continue reading

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Two peripheral (?) observations

While reading Damasio and Noë, I noticed in passing a couple of details that might not, in the end, have any relevance for their work at large, but that were striking enough to make me wonder. In his TED talk … Continue reading

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Damasio, Noë and disciplinary positioning

I came away from last week’s discussion of Damasio irritated and frustrated. I felt not only that I had lost my provisional hold on Damasio’s central ideas, but that the only way to regain that provisional understanding would be to … Continue reading

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Noe, Damasio and Stelarc

Damasio believes consciousness can be found in the brain stem and therefore that the outside world is largely determined by the brain. Noe believes consciousness is largely found outside of the brain (holistic and action-based) and is determined by our … Continue reading

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In The Times

I thought you might be interested to see philosopher Ned Block’s review of Damasio’s Self Comes to Mind in The New York Times, along with Siri Hustvedt’s response. Did they read the same book?

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