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Siri Hudsvedt Brickman/Burden, Maskings & Sincerity

Harriet as Hustvedt’s Alter Ego  I agree with Berni that “I hear in each of the character’s writings, Hustvedt’s voice talking to me.” While reading The Blazing World, it also occurred to me that Harriet might be Hustvedt’s mask or alter … Continue reading

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Healing for Hudsvedt, May, Longden

I went to a conference recently and asked Hudsvedt whether she felt that the act of self-representation through writing The Shaking Woman was therapeutic. She said that writing the book was a process of “integrating the unintegratable” and that the … Continue reading

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Paradox in There was this Goat

After reading a few pages of this text, I thought the authors must have titled the book “There Was This Goat” because of the phrase’s randomness. I thought it indicated the unknowability of Mrs. Konile’s story. On page 47, however, … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Social

Discussion Questions for Social: 1) Lieberman believes we are “wired together” for an intensely social existence. He says: “evolution moves us toward interdependence” and this is a “design feature, not flaw” (9). If Lieberman is correct, capitalism is at odds … Continue reading

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Prompt #2:

I’ve decided to do my project on the performance artist Stelarc. I plan to do a multi-media project (thanks for the advice Prof Tougaw!) I think a multi-media approach will effectively embody my thesis/project aim. Stelarc’s work stimulates imagination about … Continue reading

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25 Random Things

1) I don’t want to be any more real than one of Virginia Woolf’s fertile facts. 2) Scientists are studying the intelligent movement of insects to design miniature camera-robots to crawl around inside our bodies. 3) Whenever I cheat on … Continue reading

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Noe, Damasio and Stelarc

Damasio believes consciousness can be found in the brain stem and therefore that the outside world is largely determined by the brain. Noe believes consciousness is largely found outside of the brain (holistic and action-based) and is determined by our … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on The Shaking Woman

Since finishing The Shaking Woman, my mind has been spinning in the best possible kind of way. Hustvedt sheds light on some very murky and interesting issues. While her work is non-conclusive, it certainly galvanizes deep thought and curiosity. There … Continue reading

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