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The Blazing World

I am intrigued by Hustvedt’s tome. At first I thought it was fiction, and then when I read the Editor’s Note I thought, No, this is reality, and then the note was signed by IV Hess, and I went back … Continue reading

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Prompt 2

(First, I am sorry to be late and to only be posting in response to prompts 2 and 3.) My project is a video exploration my own selfhood vis-a-vis my body, my mental illness, my sexuality. Using the frame of Viegener’s … Continue reading

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Pain and pushback

The way Lieberman talks about how pain that comes from physical wounds is not as respected as pain that comes from emotional ones reminds me of what we call “psychosomatic” symptoms, where the physical pain comes from an emotional or mental … Continue reading

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Present, past and future selves

I appreciate Liz’s question about whether/how The Man Who Walked Away fits into the form of novel. Casey’s use of fragmentation and repetition is very effective. She conveys Albert’s sense of mystery and wonder and limited well of information by repeating images or … Continue reading

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Consciousness v. Mind

I am interested in parsing out a distinction between consciousness and mind. Early on in “Stepping Into The Light,” Damasio describes loss of consciousness as “dissolv[ing] into unsolicited unknowingness.” I thought about this in relation to meditation, which describes the meditative … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Feb. 10

Here are a few questions that have leapt out at me while doing this week’s readings and that I formulated in response to them. Content How can Damasio’s proto self, core self and autobiographical self (as Eakin presents them) be … Continue reading

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