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Prompt #1: Lieberman analyzed and illustrated à la Gaipa

The original description of the first prompt has mysteriously disappeared, but if memory serves, what I’m responding to is option B, which asked us to explain Lieberman via a Gaipa-style cartoon. I can’t remember now whether the prompt required that … Continue reading

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Prompt #1 Am I seeing something that isn’t there

As I reread the section (pgs 187 to about 191) of Matthew Lieberman, Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect that both Berni and David commented on I was struck by how familiar Liebermann findings or conjectures were to … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Social

Discussion Questions for Social: 1) Lieberman believes we are “wired together” for an intensely social existence. He says: “evolution moves us toward interdependence” and this is a “design feature, not flaw” (9). If Lieberman is correct, capitalism is at odds … Continue reading

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A. Find an idea or claim that Lieberman can only make in response to a source. Describe how he uses the source, using Mark Gaipa’s categories. This is my attempt at parsing out the strategies used by Lieberman Gaipa_ Lieberman … Continue reading

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Lieberman I really had a tough time getting into this text.  There were bits that felt so scattered o me and in the chapter conclusions I didn’t see where he pulled his theory together.  In general I understand that there … Continue reading

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Pain and pushback

The way Lieberman talks about how pain that comes from physical wounds is not as respected as pain that comes from emotional ones reminds me of what we call “psychosomatic” symptoms, where the physical pain comes from an emotional or mental … Continue reading

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Lieberman discussion questions

For discussion: 1. As readers, how do we approach and digest the information we are consuming? What enables us to trust and/or distrust the writer and the material they are presenting?   a) On page 19, Lieberman asserts that the default network supports … Continue reading

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Damasio and Lieberman

While both have their root in neuroscience, Matthew Lieberman and Antonio Damasio differ about the idea of Self. Damasio sees the Self as an elaborated tool the brain concocts to ensure the hemostasis of an organism within an environment in … Continue reading

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