Prompt 2

(First, I am sorry to be late and to only be posting in response to prompts 2 and 3.) My project is a video exploration my own selfhood vis-a-vis my body, my mental illness, my sexuality. Using the frame of Viegener’s lists, I will explore the phenomenology of embodiment using the tools of performance as well as textual research. I will create a video in 25 segments that focuses on my relationship to my physical body, depression, anxiety, sex, menstruation. Through this examination of lived embodiment, I will reckon with my feelings of alienation, rationality, shame, pure joy, pride, physical pain, jealousy, sexiness. Through the process of making a video, I will identify what my own selfhood means and how it functions. I will show that the self is multiplicitous, out of reach, fractured, and yet cohesive. I see my video as a challenge to hegemonic patriarchy in that I will center and explore my body in an uncommon way. My sources and references include visual and performing artists (some nsfw; all links open in a new tab) Abramovic, Ann Liv YoungSchneemann, Pinar Yolacan, Emin, Acconci, and theorists Merleau-Ponty, Butler, Puar, Husserl, Alexander. 

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2 Responses to Prompt 2

  1. Amber Chiac says:

    Ooops Sorry! I wrote that comment before I noticed your comment to my project post. I’m a little intimidated by the idea of doing a performance myself haha but I love the idea of analyzing several of his pieces through particular lenses organized by author or theme. Great advice. Thanks so much!

  2. Amber Chiac says:

    Hi Julia,

    Just a quick note to say that I love your idea!! I’m writing about Stelarc and also wish to depict the self as “multiplicitous, out of reach, fractured.” You say you also plan to depict the self as “cohesive.” Intriguing! I think I kind of (might) know what you. I don’t know if you plan on sharing the video with the class but if so, I would love to see it! And since we have similar interests and you seem to have more knowledge about performance art than I do, I would love your feedback once my project start developing.

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