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There Was This Goat.

A disturbing period of racism in our times, coterminous to slavery, Apartheid in South Africa was another way to reject and humiliate part of the human race because of colour. Apartheid has been dissolved for a few decades still it … Continue reading

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Lieberman makes brain science approachable

I fear this could end up becoming a list of praises but I want to applaud Lieberman on his use of layman terms, how he breaks down experiments, and even how he explains sections of the brain. The last piece … Continue reading

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P2) Premature ponderings

p2) Describe how your research topic builds on or contributes to some conversation about the origins, meanings, or functions of selfhood. What other thinkers, scholars, or writers are part of this conversation? My research topic is about looking at how … Continue reading

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P1) Lieberman & Picking a fight? piggybacking? leapfrogging? Oh my

I wish I had read the prompts earlier as it is driving me nuts that I can’t find the moment in the book where Lieberman explicitly states that scholars are often on both sides but that the argument should really … Continue reading

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Buckle me

Yesterday, while on the train, I mentioned this book and my friend immediately asked for the title. He was animated by the topic and asked me how I had enjoyed the book. My honest response was that I would never … Continue reading

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Tweet at your risk

I got distracted by an article in the NY Times about Tweeting  and started to think about it for another class and realized it had more to do with Psych then Media so I thought I would post it here: … Continue reading

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