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Why the Self?

I was very against taking an Introduction to Graduate Studies course but have thoroughly enjoyed the readings and conversations. I signed up for Inventing the Self because it sounded the most interesting and because I immediately started formulating ideas for … Continue reading

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Class questions/my questions

Questions for class discussion: 1. Have you experienced moments in which you “weren’t yourself?” What were the circumstances? Do you think it is possible to explain it as another, less embraced version of you (the way Harriet eventually does with … Continue reading

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Don’t you ever want to breathe fire?

I really enjoyed the [ample] reading for this week; the Carter chapters and Hustvedt book complemented one another well. I’m not sure from the letters of the notebooks if they are actually alphabetically chronological as it seems unlikely to me, … Continue reading

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Lieberman makes brain science approachable

I fear this could end up becoming a list of praises but I want to applaud Lieberman on his use of layman terms, how he breaks down experiments, and even how he explains sections of the brain. The last piece … Continue reading

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P2) Premature ponderings

p2) Describe how your research topic builds on or contributes to some conversation about the origins, meanings, or functions of selfhood. What other thinkers, scholars, or writers are part of this conversation? My research topic is about looking at how … Continue reading

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P1) Lieberman & Picking a fight? piggybacking? leapfrogging? Oh my

I wish I had read the prompts earlier as it is driving me nuts that I can’t find the moment in the book where Lieberman explicitly states that scholars are often on both sides but that the argument should really … Continue reading

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random 25

Looking at the water travel down the street makes me wonder where it goes.   I suppose I’m not that curious because I could probably look it up or explore it further by foot but I don’t.   The golden … Continue reading

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Buckle me

Yesterday, while on the train, I mentioned this book and my friend immediately asked for the title. He was animated by the topic and asked me how I had enjoyed the book. My honest response was that I would never … Continue reading

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Unpacking the money analogy

I watched the video before reading Noe’s explanation of his dollar bill analogy so I didn’t get a chance to question the analogy for myself before hearing the interviewer’s criticism of it not being comparable. How do others feel about … Continue reading

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Damasio’s anecdote in “Stepping into the Light” involving the patient who was “bodily present but personally unaccounted for, absent without leave” made me wonder about other situations in which our consciousness if affected while in a waking state. In my … Continue reading

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