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Healing for Hudsvedt, May, Longden

I went to a conference recently and asked Hudsvedt whether she felt that the act of self-representation through writing The Shaking Woman was therapeutic. She said that writing the book was a process of “integrating the unintegratable” and that the … Continue reading

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Lieberman discussion questions

For discussion: 1. As readers, how do we approach and digest the information we are consuming? What enables us to trust and/or distrust the writer and the material they are presenting?   a) On page 19, Lieberman asserts that the default network supports … Continue reading

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Alva Noe found an impartial review

After yesterday discussion about writing review I came across this impartial review in Scientific America MIND Reviews: Out of Our Heads, by Alva Noë Recommendations from Scientific American MIND Mar 25, 2009 |By Jascha Hoffman Out of Our Heads: Why … Continue reading

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