Maud Casey

I interviewed Maud Casey for my blog a few months ago. I thought you might be interested to read her take on her own novel–and on Hacking. You can read that here. Casey also wrote a short piece about Albert Dadas for my blog. You can read that here.

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One Response to Maud Casey

  1. Enjoyed skimming these as supplement to our readings and talk on Tuesday…
    This quote from the Casey interview struck me as important, re: our discussion of reading the novel:
    “I think fiction is an act of empathy and where you direct your empathy, and where you cultivate your readers’ empathy, has meaning and motive. For me, that included raising questions about diagnoses in general, what it is, what it’s good for, what its limitations are and then, sneaky fiction writer that I am, never answering those questions!”

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