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Prompt 2

(First, I am sorry to be late and to only be posting in response to prompts 2 and 3.) My project is a video exploration my own selfhood vis-a-vis my body, my mental illness, my sexuality. Using the frame of Viegener’s … Continue reading

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Prompt 3

I don’t know if I have missed any previous posts, but it doesn’t appear that there are any projects that resemble mine…I hope that the project is within the scope of the course. With this, I must bid you all … Continue reading

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Prompt 2: Project: Addiction and the Self

My project involves how addictive behaviors are developed. I have worked in neuropharmacology for a while and there are a few schools of thought that exist. My collaborator and I look at how the presence of a drug in an … Continue reading

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Prompt #3: Research overlaps

It looks like my topic (practice elevator pitch: “The excluded self and the anti-narrative impulse in the gay memoir”? Needs work) has some overlap with both Berni’s (identification/empathy between the reader’s self and the selves of fictional characters) and Mari’s (narrative psychology). … Continue reading

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Social (also Prompt 1)

I’m late to the party, I apologize, I’ve been holed up in the lab running behavioral expts, how apropos to read a text about behavior this week! I heard from a colleague about this book I think in the Fall, … Continue reading

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Prompt #2: Research topic

I was struck by Kevin Killian’s speculation, in the preface to Matias Viegener’s book, that there is something in gay men’s lives that “resists taxonomy in some fundamental manner,” which he supported by citing other examples of fragmented texts by … Continue reading

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Prompt #2 Research paper

The hypothesis for my research project is the possibly that there exist a major contradiction In Antonio’s Damasio’s work regarding the human biological body-brain as the sole source of self and consciousness; because this ‘self’ once generated in the mind … Continue reading

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Prompt #1: Lieberman analyzed and illustrated à la Gaipa

The original description of the first prompt has mysteriously disappeared, but if memory serves, what I’m responding to is option B, which asked us to explain Lieberman via a Gaipa-style cartoon. I can’t remember now whether the prompt required that … Continue reading

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Prompt #1 Am I seeing something that isn’t there

As I reread the section (pgs 187 to about 191) of Matthew Lieberman, Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect that both Berni and David commented on I was struck by how familiar Liebermann findings or conjectures were to … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Social

Discussion Questions for Social: 1) Lieberman believes we are “wired together” for an intensely social existence. He says: “evolution moves us toward interdependence” and this is a “design feature, not flaw” (9). If Lieberman is correct, capitalism is at odds … Continue reading

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