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Tweet at your risk

I got distracted by an article in the NY Times about Tweeting  and started to think about it for another class and realized it had more to do with Psych then Media so I thought I would post it here: … Continue reading

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The man who walked away: a novel by Maud Casey.

The man who walked away: a novel by Maud Casey. This novel seemed to urge me to pay attention to its details, while another part of me kept saying, “Come on get on with the story.” Yet I read on, … Continue reading

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Alva Noe found an impartial review

After yesterday discussion about writing review I came across this impartial review in Scientific America MIND Reviews: Out of Our Heads, by Alva Noë Recommendations from Scientific American MIND Mar 25, 2009 |By Jascha Hoffman Out of Our Heads: Why … Continue reading

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Unpacking the money analogy

I watched the video before reading Noe’s explanation of his dollar bill analogy so I didn’t get a chance to question the analogy for myself before hearing the interviewer’s criticism of it not being comparable. How do others feel about … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Alva Noe

According to Noe, consciousness is not constructed by our brains and thus happens inside our heads or skins, which is an ungrounded assumption that has been taken for granted by most scientists nowadays (including Damasio) addressing the problem of consciousness. … Continue reading

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Noë, Out of Our Heads, Preface + Chapters 1-4 & 6 and “Why Is Consciousness So Baffling?” (interview)

The interview merely backed up Noe’s words on paper. It was interesting to see the man behind the words, his body language his facial expressions and himself trying to convince the interviewer and the viewing public of those words in … Continue reading

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The Interaction of Brain, Body and Environment

Quite often in the book, Noe repeats the phrase, “Where do we stop, and where does the rest of the world begin?” which I believe to be a strong summary of the point he is making with this book. We … Continue reading

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comments on Alva Noe’s Out of our Heads

Alva Noe say things that at first disturb me until I try to see them in my own life or as a reflection of my own beliefs. So among many of his opinions like on pg 83-84, at first I … Continue reading

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Two peripheral (?) observations

While reading Damasio and Noë, I noticed in passing a couple of details that might not, in the end, have any relevance for their work at large, but that were striking enough to make me wonder. In his TED talk … Continue reading

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Damasio, Noë and disciplinary positioning

I came away from last week’s discussion of Damasio irritated and frustrated. I felt not only that I had lost my provisional hold on Damasio’s central ideas, but that the only way to regain that provisional understanding would be to … Continue reading

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