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Pain and pushback

The way Lieberman talks about how pain that comes from physical wounds is not as respected as pain that comes from emotional ones reminds me of what we call “psychosomatic” symptoms, where the physical pain comes from an emotional or mental … Continue reading

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Lieberman discussion questions

For discussion: 1. As readers, how do we approach and digest the information we are consuming? What enables us to trust and/or distrust the writer and the material they are presenting?   a) On page 19, Lieberman asserts that the default network supports … Continue reading

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Damasio and Lieberman

While both have their root in neuroscience, Matthew Lieberman and Antonio Damasio differ about the idea of Self. Damasio sees the Self as an elaborated tool the brain concocts to ensure the hemostasis of an organism within an environment in … Continue reading

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Lieberman makes brain science approachable

I fear this could end up becoming a list of praises but I want to applaud Lieberman on his use of layman terms, how he breaks down experiments, and even how he explains sections of the brain. The last piece … Continue reading

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