Workshop: Creating a Conversation among Texts (or, How to Avoid “Grand Confabulations”)


1. Choose two related passages, one from Casey’s novel and one Hacking’s chapter.

2. Talk about how the passages illuminate each other with regard to a shared question–or  a set of related questions.

3. Discuss why the question matters, how it helps us seek understanding about an issue that’s significant in some way.

4. Prepare a presentation for the rest of us about a possible research project that puts Casey and Hacking into conversation–and suggest what kinds of sources and methods you would need to develop a project like this. Talk about how you’d prevent such a project from becoming the kind of “grand confabulation” of theoretical models Siri Hustvedt worries about in The Shaking Woman.


Dag, Liz, David, Amber

Andrew, Justin, Ayanna

Jen, Berni, Mari

Yael, Julia, Venita

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