Prompt 2.

My research paper is in a very early fledgling stage. I changed my initial topic and now my focus will be, Social Media Networking as an Institution, the title still needs a bit of rewording. I intend on making “popularity” (possibly) the focal point and in that sense, put in practice the many forms of self representations that have been introduced. I intend on utilizing the schools database, the Lieberman book will be a good source, Michael Shudsons “Discovering the News”  and the  use of scholarly articles as well as the internet.

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  1. David Liburd says:

    Thank you for your input professor and I will indeed reach out to Alycia regarding sources. I will check the blogs and maybe glean information from our “sister” class, if possible.

  2. Jason Tougaw says:

    It sounds like you’re moving toward a project that focuses on self-representation in social media. Is that right?

    Your next step will be to find sources that help you do that. Viegener would certainly work as a primary text. Ito et al’s Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out might be helpful. I think you should contact Alycia Sellie and ask her to help you find sources that focus directly on self-representation in social media. There may also be some useful material on the website / blog for the Oversharing course. Check that out.

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