Final Essay Checklist

Before handing in or uploading your final essay on May 27th, I suggest (strongly) that you to examine the questions below. Ideally,  the answer to all of the questions below will be “yes.”

____ I have a really good title for my paper.

____ I have numbered my pages.

____ I have double-spaced and formatted my paper properly.

____ I have proofread meticulously and purged my paper of all spelling and punctuation mistakes.

____ My sentences are well-crafted and not just correct but stylish.

____ My paper includes secondary research; it is appropriate to describe it as a “research paper.”

____ My argument is crystal clear, and it is indicated at the beginning.

____ I have a strong argument, and everything in my paper supports the argument.

____ My paper would make sense to a reader who is reading it for the first time; I offer enough explanation for a reader to follow my discussion.

____ I use subheadings when appropriate/ necessary. (If you do not need subheadings, that is fine—you can still answer yes to this question, because they are not needed.)

____ The logic and connection between my points is very clear.

____ The balance between sections of my paper is appropriate, and I spend the right amount of time on each point.

____ There are no gaps or major omissions in my discussion/ argument.

____ My paragraphs are unified, with one idea per paragraph—and my paragraphs are not too short or too long.

____ My paragraphs are indented properly.

____ I have strong transitions (or “stitching) between sections and between paragraphs.

____ I avoid jargon and slang, and the tone of my writing is appropriate.

____ My citations are complete and correct, and my Works Cited page is absolutely perfect.

___   I have picked ONE citation format and have kept it consistent throughout. I have used The Purdue Online Writing Lab (or another reference) to verify that my citations follow the latest guidelines.

____ My paper is interesting to read.

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