Reviewing Self

While perusing the available MALS classes that fit into my strange work schedule, for the spring semester. I was lucky enough to see this introductory course and instantly found the topic area intriguing.

I have found that the readings and general  information about forms of writing as well as basic mechanics Professor Tougaw provided us with was so thought provoking. I found myself challenged in class and I thoroughly enjoyed the varied perspectives of my fellow students. As someone who isn’t normally gung ho about contributing in class I found our group and Professor Tougaw unpretentious and  supportive.

I truly enjoyed my experiences in Room 7395 this semester, and plan on revisiting the authors and topic areas of redefining mental illness, and the nonscientific development of self. I particularly enjoyed Tarnation, and the deconstruction of the film in particular brought me back to my Communication Studies days at NYU.

So thank you everyone, for making my semester informative and just a sincerely cool experience.

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