Why the Self?

I was very against taking an Introduction to Graduate Studies course but have thoroughly enjoyed the readings and conversations. I signed up for Inventing the Self because it sounded the most interesting and because I immediately started formulating ideas for the final paper. I consider the experience of having Jason as a professor an incredibly lucky one. Amber mentioned how comfortable she felt in class and I think Jason’s exercise on the first day where we went around trying to remember each other’s names was effective in creating a seed of familiarity that would set the tone for the rest of the semester.

I am glad that this course had texts that highlighted the value of interdisciplinary work. I became a huge fan of Hustvedt and Lieberman and am even more positive that I would like to work with neuro-psychologists for future work. I also really enjoyed questioning norms around mental health. I hope to find time to read more works questioning what we think we know.

Thanks everyone!

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