25 Random Things

1) I don’t want to be any more real than one of Virginia Woolf’s fertile facts.

2) Scientists are studying the intelligent movement of insects to design miniature camera-robots to crawl around inside our bodies.

3) Whenever I cheat on my vegself, it’s always with bacon.

4) Abyssopelagic- the bottom of the ocean.

5) When people tag me in unflattering photos on facebook, I click “hide from timeline.”

6) If this is cathartic, I’m probably not doing it right.

7) Has my critical studies education made me more self-reflexive?

8) Clocks are creepy. Every tick feels like a tiny extraction.

9) Do not copy Viegener. Do not copy Viegener.

10) I can be naturally random(ish) too.

11) I spend an absurd amount of time having imaginary conversations with my mother in my mind.

12) I once tested positive for HIV but it was a false alarm. I was volunteering at a farm at the time and apparently I petted too many goats, which carry heterophil antibodies, which imitate HIV antibodies.

13) I miss living on a boat.

14) I squander freedom.

15) I really love being introverted.

16) But not obsessive.

17) While reading, I highlight things I understand and agree with. This is probably the antithesis of learning.

18) Why are so many of my random facts unsavory?

19) When great thinkers and writers become your friends, you realize most of your friends are dead.

20) There is nothing cozy about being alive in the world.

21) Bikram Yoga is everything it’s hyped up to be.

22) My father’s favorite author is Michael Savage. I love him anyway.

23) I wish I had money so I could hire Paul Browde to be my therapist.

24) The concept of “false consciousness” confounds me. Who has “true consciousness?”

25) I’m happy when I’m curious.

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4 Responses to 25 Random Things

  1. Amber, I liked your list much more than Viegener’s!! There was an effortless randomness and you drew from so many different arenas. Yes, I do want more details about some of the things but others are just fine and complete as they are.

  2. Amber Chiac says:

    Thanks for the comments Yael. I struggled writing the list so I really appreciate the feedback. I also really enjoyed your list. I love when you incessantly draw attention to the inevitability of prejudice. Its neat the way the argument mirrors the form. Prejudice is ubiquitous and incurable and it is therefore important to constantly make a conscious effort to confront it & attempt to minimize its negative effects. It’s also great when you draw attention to your body and the tactile sensation of nausea. It brought me into the moment with you. Also… nice use of zhe 🙂

  3. I also highlight and underline for those purposes. Whatever, I’m highlighting for me! I also highlight what I find beautiful or insightful. Why should I bring attention to something I don’t understand for eternity, especially if it doesn’t call my attention.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your list. I feel like Berni did about one of my numbers; some of your sentences beg for the stories to be told. I suppose if you were to write more lists you could continue those stories the way Matias did, a semi-narrative but non-linear form of writing.

    Unsavory is entertaining.

    I, too, had trouble not imitating Matias. I think I failed. Oh well.

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