Comments about Viegener collection of 2500 post to internet

Comments about Viegener collection of 2500 post to the internet

My mind kept drifting off as I read the posts or list, my own history would keep getting mixed up with parts of his history. Mainly about Peggy dying, for as I was reading his ‘randoms’ my cat is slowing dying of starvation, hanging out in a closet upstairs. She is unable to keep any food down and has stopped eating. I would get mixed up with her dying and his dog, Peggy’s physical deterioration.

Its possible that even a biography needs some kind of plot to hold the viewer sustained interest.

This idea might work better in a serialized version such as Facebook where you are being fed only 25 items at a time, and the interval between each 25 items is at least a day, but it becomes over whelming if you try and read them all at once.

However this is a class about mind and not literature. This is a lesson about the impermanence of our thoughts. It kind of counters the idea of a rational mind believing,” I think therefore I am.”

It all has the chaos of a dream except that it has the footprints of a rational awake mind trying to imitate that chaos.

The process seems to intentionally try to avoid any possibility narrative cause and effect, or the stringing together of related ideas, or intentionally introducing thoughts which do not follow from previous ideas.

These thought have no chronological logic, they have no spatial logic. It gives the impression of a personality that has no sense of self except in a superficial sort of way…famous people he knew or saw in a restaurant, accidental sexual encounters, signed Playbills but little about what he might have learned from the experiences. It seems to lack a deeper cut like Siri’s work.

It’s possible that Viegener started out not doing an autobiography or memoire but an art project…dabbling paint on a canvas to see what will come of it. Personally as a professional painter for nearly 20 years , even though I had ideas for canvases I started, I always started them ( large canvases of reflections on water) with paper towels, applying paint, taking it off, putting it on again until I could get a satisfactory sense of the overall color theme emerging. Of course the painting did not start to become a painting until I got into using brushes and palate knives. My intent was to give the abstraction of reflected images enough reality so the viewer would have a way into the painting What seems to be missing in Viegener’s memoire is the application of a brush and or a palate knife, to give the work a little more meaning other than just blobs of color. Art, I was always told, reflects the culture that produces it. Maybe ours is a culture where just blobs of paint, like post to Facebook are the sum total of what some of us might believe are live are all about.

Obviously from what I just said, I didn’t think much of what Viegener thought of his own sense of self.

Maybe it’s just that we live in a timed cosmos where simultaneous events happen, and because they are happening simultaneously, and we live in a timed cosmos we cannot make any sense of them.
I enjoyed Viegeners shot at autobiography as a creative idea, but enjoyed reading, But enough about myself, becuase it gave me way in.

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