Viegener, 2500 Random Things/Miller, Memoir?

Not been one for “eavesdropping” on other peoples lives much, unless they are somewhat closely related to me. In consequence information and or circumstances would need to have an adverse effect on my life. Yes I see and read and hear things of historical reference and of everyday occurrence, but how much it affects me depends on what it is that I am being made privy to. It could last for minutes, days, months or years? It could be something that stirs subconsciously in the future. 2500 Random Things is an interesting read as tidbits go. Amusing morsels of “things”, a hurried sporadic “memoir” that one can and should have as a book to read while “otherwise occupied”.

1) I am in my 28th year living in the US.

2) I continued living here although I didn’t like living here.

3) I’m back in education as a student, why?

4) I was never the best student.

5) Some professors want you to understand…understand what? What they like? Life as ‘THEY’ see it to be?

6) I think education should teach one to understand themselves and their personal perception on being…

7) and it should be free. Thanks to how things are here, it is no longer the case in England.

8) It’s too expensive!!!

9) Too much information to be understood in a short period of time can be unproductive.

10) I’m glad the weather is improving I can stop thinking about Florida now.

11) Dismal today though!! Horrible weather on “Pi” day.

12) One of my brothers birthday today, he lives in England, south west London.

13) It was my oldest son’s birthday, four days ago, and my youngest son’s birthday fourteen days ago.

14) I’m still not sure even now why I decided to go for my master’s degree? Will it help me to get a better paying job?

15) I work for a non-profit right now. The pay isn’t great but the work is enjoyable enough. the people are nice and I am left to my own devices pretty much. No micro managing!

16) I work with artwork and that suits me…

17) It helps middle school through high school students get scholarships.

18) My aunt lives in Sarasota Florida, she will be coming to my sons graduation, my oldest the one who had a birthday four days ago. I’ve just recently started contacting her after being estranged, due impart to complex family issues.

19) I’m glad she will be going to my sons graduation.

20) On my way to the library today I transferred trains from the uptown A to the uptown F. I had been reading on the A train. At the west fourth stop I went down to the lower level for the F train, the express track had a commercial freight train on it and so I was a little taken aback then realised the trains were all running on the local track. I then noticed this young white woman decide to move uneasily away from where I was standing, I really hadn’t even noticed her, but she moved away as if she was being threatened or soon to be.

22) That happens more times than you may think.

23) I love Skype!!

24) As much as European Football!!!

25) I had a Skype session this morning with three other brothers who live in England.

Miller’s Memoirs chapter is witty and interesting in the beginning, then there are too many similar anecdotes or less interesting than other anecdotes which, in turn prove less puissant. They seem inconsequential. Millers excerpt however, does remind me of how social media users document their existence and try to make each others life to be more interesting than the next persons, or to all their “friends”. The use of social media does aid in the increased visibility regarding important and significant information. Memoirs can have the same effect depending on the subjectivity of its audience.



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2 Responses to Viegener, 2500 Random Things/Miller, Memoir?

  1. David Liburd says:

    Yes Mari, maybe I need to compose a memoir?

  2. Mari Gorman says:

    Hi David, it’s amazing how, in just this list of things, I feel like I have read a short biography of your life, but better than that really, more like I have actually experienced a day in your life, which, perhaps because of the spaces between entries that seem like the empty spaces in poems, more information issues, which also include associations and images of my own.

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