25 Things

  1. I was born at4:30 am, July 9th
  2. I love driving on the Northern State Parkway much more than the LIE
  3. I had a Narc car.
  4. I love bacon and my Mom’s pork chops, yet I always wanted a mini pot belly pig and the sickening irony of me cooking bacon while he walked around my house concerned me.
  5. I am afraid of and disgusted by Rats and mice.. but I am fascinated by squirrels.
  6. UP is a favorite movie of mine.. (maybe this fact isn’t so random) I have a constant underlying fear that I am ill equipped financially to care for my aging parents.
  7. My latest obsession is finding silver hairs on my head and forcing all of my loved ones to confirm my findings.
  8. my first pet’s name was Matisse, she died of cancer and it began a long line of my pets losing their lives to Cancer. She was essentially my baby.
  9. I want to travel this year… I must
  10. Every emotion I experience dances across my face
  11. As I grow older the minutia of the day slowly crushes my soul daily
  12. It kills me that sweatpants are unacceptable work attire
  13. The few times I have been hospitalized they have been intensely, painful emergencies
  14. I stopped going to the gym
  15. I don’t attend circuses… The treatment of the animals pisses me off. I stay away form some zoos as well
  16. My Chihuahua, Arliss has a middle and last name
  17. I respect the mission of my employer, but am disappointed by the beauracracy and petty personnel issue that cloud our purpose to serve our community.
  18. I wonder if I’m as intellectually astute as my classmates at times.
  19. Math hates me
  20. I prefer wearing neutral colors and black
  21. I will not get on a Roller coaster.. period.
  22. I must have Thai once a week….such an addict
  23. I just discovered that Soca music makes me smile on a daily basis
  24. I do have a temper
  25. Café Bustelo … my life blood
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